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Keep your product looking new with the care instructions

If your shower enclosure didn’t include pre-coated glass protection, or if the glass protection hasn’t been maintained, we recommend the use of the Roman Ultra Care Bathroom Cleaning and Restoration Kit which is designed to revitalise your shower enclosure or bath screen and protect it going forward. 

Replacement Seals

My seal on my shower enclosure / bath screen needs replacing, do you supply replacement seals?

Yes, these can be bought online from our replacement bath and shower seals shop on sister company, Roman at Home. Alternatively you can contact Roman Customer Relations on 01325 328033 to purchase one.

Simple Maintenance

Our products are generally maintenance free; however it may be necessary to lubricate wheel assemblies and other moving parts from time to time. It is strongly recommended that a quality silicone spray is used.

Leaking General Shower Enclosure

Often a leaking shower enclosure is because of the way it has been sealed. Common Solutions

  1. Prior to installation, check the tray is sealed correctly along the tiled walls.
  2. Check:
    1. That the inside gap between the Tray and Wall profiles has been sealed correctly.
    2. The wall profiles on the tiled walls are sealed both vertically inside and outside.
    3. The base of the enclosure is sealed on the outside only.
    4. That a bead of sealant the width of the wall profile has been applied.
  3. Check all the seals have been cut and positioned correctly.
Your Bath Screen is Leaking

Common Solutions:

  1. Prior to installation ensure the Bath is fully sealed along the tiled walls
  2. Check the internal gap between the Bath and the Wall profile to ensure it has been sealed correctly.
  3. If the Main Curved Rail is sealed on the inside along the Bath top, this will cause leakage - sealant must be removed.
  4. Ensure the wall profile on the tiled wall is sealed – this needs to be done vertically on both the inside and the outside.
  5. Ensure that the outside joint between the Curved Bath Screen and Bath top is fully sealed.
  6. Is the Wall Profile fitted approximately 5mm from the inside edge of the Bath top?
  7. Is the bottom seal slightly depressed onto the Bath top?
  8. Ensure the deflector on the Bottom Seal is facing inward towards the Bath.
  9. Is your bath screen compatible with your shower valve? If you have chosen a power shower, this should be used with a power shower approved bath screen.
Should I tank the whole shower room, or just the area where the shower is situated?

It is recommended to tank the whole floor with a turn up of 100mm on to the walls and all the way up the walls in the immediate shower area.


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