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Which way up should I apply the tanking Tape?

It doesn’t really matter, but the smooth side normally goes on the bottom.

Shower Valves and Shower Heads
  • Shower valves are the control panel section of the shower that allows water to stop and start and control temperature. Also known as shower controls.
  • A shower head is the name given to the piping, handset or drench shower heads used in most concealed and exposed shower kits. These come in a variety of fixed and movable designs.
  • A complete shower valve and shower head may be collectively referred to as a shower valve, shower head of shower.
Linear vs Corner Panels
  • A corner panel is a glass panel that is affixed to the wall at one edge creating a corner. A linear panel traditional runs parallel to the wall and is affixed to the wall by bracing bars.
Shower Trays
  • Shower trays are the piece of flooring typically found at the base of the shower enclosure. They are also referred to a shower basins, shower floors and shower dishes.
Wetroom Panels
  • Wetroom panels are also known as shower glass panels, wetroom shower panels and are sometimes referred to as shower panels. Wetroom panels are either corner or linear and offer an enclosure-less style showering space, often with no shower tray required.
Walk In Showers
  • The different between the walk-in shower enclosure and other enclosures is they typically have no door for entry, hence the term ‘walk in’. They can also be known as door-less shower enclosures, door free enclosures, wetrooms and open shower enclosures.
Shower Side Panels
  • Shower panels are panels of framed, semi-frameless or frameless glass that allow you to arrange with your shower door to create a perfect shape shower enclosure to suit your needs. They will be added to your shower door to create a corner,or a three sided enclosure. Sometimes the panels are referred to as shower glass, shower sides. You can also get various size panels including smaller space fitting in-line panels to complement hinged door spaces for instances, through to much larger side panels for free-standing enclosures.
Sliding Shower Doors
  • Sliding shower doors move from side to side, and therefore do not use up any bathroom or shower space to open. Typically these sliding shower doors are found on bigger enclosures or on corner entry enclosures.
Quadrant Showers
  • A quadrant shower door is a curved glass enclosure that typically sits in the corner of a shower room. Also known as a curved shower doors, round shower doors, corner enclosure and bow fronted enclosure.
Pivot Showers
  • Pivot shower door enclosures are different from a hinged door, as they are hinged off a pivot pin from the top and bottom profile, above and below the shower door. Although they both open outward, the pivot pin means the door takes up less space in the bathroom when open. These types of doors can also be referred to as rotating doors, swing doors and hinged doors.
Inclusive Showering
  • Inclusive showering is more commonly known as accessible showering. Accessible implies it is a shower designed to offer easy access. While inclusive showers are designed so that all abilities, disabilities, age groups and families can use the one design of shower.
Hinged Showers
  • Hinged Shower Doors are outward opening shower doors that are hinged onto a side panel, inline panel, or wall profile. Hinged doors are also known as standard shower doors, outward opening shower doors.
Corner Entry Door
  • Corner entry shower enclosures are square based enclosures with a door built into the corner. The enclosure features two doors, which open from the corner in a sliding fashion.
Bi-Fold Door
  • Bi-Fold shower doors are doors that open in on themselves like a V or W shape. They are also known as folding shower doors, inward folding shower doors or split shower doors.
Bath Screen
  • Bath screens are panels of glass that are typically used as an alternative to a shower curtain. Screens come in fixed, pivot, hinged and folding designs. They are also known as over bath screens, shower screens and bath glass panels.
Shower Enclosures
  • Shower enclosures is the proper name for the showering space, or cubicle in your bathroom where as a ‘shower’ is typically the device which water comes from, also known properly as a shower head, or shower valve.
  • Shower enclosures are also known as shower cubicles, shower cabins, shower rooms and shower doors.

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