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Frequently Asked Questions for Roman Shield & Wetrooms

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Should I tank the whole shower room, or just the area where the shower is situated?

It is recommended to tank the whole floor with a turn up of 100mm on to the walls and all the way up the walls in the immediate shower area.

Should I use Tanking Tape over screw/nail heads?

Yes we recommend that you cover every screw head with Compound and a small patch of Tanking Tape prior to the main coating.

Is Roman Tanking System compatible with under floor heating systems?

Yes, Roman Tanking System can be used over any under floor heating systems that is covered with a screed (the Tanking sits on top of the screed) The electric heating mat type systems may also be applied directly over the compound and set in to the tile adhesive.

How long does the Roman Tanking Compound have to dry before I can start tiling?

We recommend a minimum of 24 hours between application of the last coat of Tanking Compound and the application of tiles. Roman Tanking Compound takes up to two weeks to reach its ultimate strength.

What sort of tile adhesive should I use over Roman Tanking System?

Roman Tanking System has been tested with many different tile adhesives and has worked with all of them. We recommend the use of any good quality “waterproof” and “Flexible” tile adhesive and grout.

What surfaces can Roman Tanking System be applied to?

Roman Tanking System can be applied over plywood, screeded concrete, plaster, plasterboard, tray formers, flush pointed brickwork and existing tiles (without primer but abraded).

Is Roman Tanking System useful for waterproofing under tiles in a non wet room situation?

Yes, Roman Tanking System is frequently specified for use under conventional shower trays, in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. It is a particularly important system for apartments and Hotels, where leaks from wet areas can cause serious damage to rooms below.

What size wetroom will a Roman Tanking Kit seal?

The Tanking Compound will seal an area of approximately 10 sq. metres and the 15 metre roll of Tanking Tape will seal 15 linear metres of joints/junctions. All items in the kit are also available individually.

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