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Shower Aftercare

Spare Parts

Roman Shower Enclosures and Bath Screens are designed to last the lifetime of your bathroom, however, you may need to replace the seals over time. We offer a variety of replacement shower seals which can be bought online from our sister company Roman at Home. Click Here

Protecting Your Product with UltraCare

All Roman's enclosures and bath screens are pre-coated with Roman Ultra Care, our own unique glass protection system. Pre-coated glass protection systems will always diminish in their effectiveness over time, depending on how often the shower is used and how often it is cleaned. Unlike other systems Roman Ultra Care in a bottle can be used in tandem with the pre-coat to build up the effectiveness and make it stronger the more you clean...

Roman Ultra Care is an award winning bathroom protector and has a 10 year track record for successfully protecting Roman's extensive product range. When applied to the glass of an enclosure or bath screen it creates a chemical barrier which provides protection against the build-up of grime, limescale and stains. The protective barrier means water glides off the glass with ease. This results in the protected surface remaining easy to clean by simply applying a mild detergent and wiping with a damp cloth or using a Roman Shower Blade.

By topping up the glass protection system with Roman Ultra Care in a bottle every time you clean, you can significantly reduce the amount of time required to clean your enclosure and bathroom surfaces. Most importantly, you can considerably prolong the life of your Roman product and at the same time do your bit for the environment by eliminating the use of harsh and damaging cleaning products.

Ultra Care Aftercare

Ongoing After Care

To maintain the long lasting sparkle of your Roman enclosure or bath screen and aid the Ultra Care pre-coated glass protection; Roman Ultra Care can be purchased in a user friendly 750ml sized bottle. This can be purchased for only £14.95 from your local Roman Bathroom Retailer, or alternatively from

Roman Ultra Care is not limited to the cleaning and protection of your shower enclosure or bath screen, it can also be used to protect other bathroom surfaces, which are not pre-coated, including glass, tiles, aluminium frames, taps, trays, sinks and baths. Simply wipe down your bathroom surfaces after use and apply Roman Ultra Care with a soft cloth.

Roman Ultra Care can be used weekly as part of your bathroom cleaning routine. The more you apply Roman Ultra Care the more protection you create for your enclosure, therefore your enclosure will maintain its high quality finish for longer. Without using Roman Ultra Care, your precoated glass protection will diminish over time. Important information to help you maintain your Roman product:

Roman Ultracare

Ensure you clean your product using a mild detergent diluted in water and then polish off using a soft damp cloth. Apply a coat of Roman Ultra Care after each clean to buildup the protective film on the surface.

If you live in a hard water area, periodically clean your product using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. The solution should be left on the enclosure for approximately 5 minutes then rinsed off using warm water.

Do not use acidic based products which are unsuitable for cleaning enamel surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing bleach or solvents, these products will adversely affect the finish of the aluminium profiles. Do not use scouring pads, powder or any sharp instruments when cleaning your Roman enclosure.

Roman maintenance kit

Roman Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit

If your shower enclosure didn't include pre-coated glass protection, or if it hasn't been maintained, we recommend the use of the Roman Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration Kit. The Bathroom Cleaning and Restoration Kit is designed to revitalise your shower enclosure or bath screen, along with other bathroom surfaces, whilst also presenting on-going protection. The three part kit includes: Ultra Scrub, which will deep cleanse your enclosure; Ultra Shield to add a layer of protection and Ultra Care, which can be used as part of your weekly cleaning routine to top up the protection and ensure lasting sparkle. The Roman Shower, Tile and Bath Restoration and Maintenance Kit is available for your local Roman retailer, or via online Roman at Home, for only £24.95 inc VAT.


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