Lumin8 Shower Enclosures

Lumin8 Shower Enclosures

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The Lumin8 collection of Shower Enclosures, Wetrooms, Walk-ins and Bath Screens in Ireland incorporates a range of striking shower solutions to solve the many space restrictions that exist in the bathroom. Lumin8 reaches a stunning height of 1950mm and features weighted 8mm thick glass, which presents a smooth gliding door action, long lasting durability and safety of the Enclosure. The Roman Ireland range showcases both inward and outward opening Shower Enclosures, Sliding door Enclosures, One Door and Two Door Quads, Curved Walk-ins and Frameless Hinged Bath Screens. The Roman Ireland range offers showering solutions to meet diverse requirements, whilst bringing a touch of luxury into every bathroom.

Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Make the most out of your available space with this intelligent and elegant Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant

RRP from 1,148.29

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Lumin8 1700mm Colossus Shower Enclosure

Perfect bath replacement enclosure, bowing out to create a spacious and indulgent showering space.

RRP from 1,132.85

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Lumin8 1450mm Colossus Shower Enclosure

The 1450mm Colossus offers a luxurious curved Walk-in option in and around standard shower enclosure footprints.

RRP from 985.89

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Lumin8 1600 Colossus Shower Enclosure

The 1600mm Colossus, which stands at 2000mm high and incorporates a very practical towel rail.

RRP from 985.89

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Lumin8 Wave Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Create a true style statement in your bathroom with our beautiful Lumin8 Curved Walk-in.

RRP from 985.87

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Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure is an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms as it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom.

RRP from 923.77

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Lumin8 Two Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Two Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure is perfect for making the most out of your corner space with smooth action sliding doors.

RRP from 821.12

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Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure incorporates practical inward opening doors, which present a flexible space saving solution.

RRP from 705.65

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Lumin8 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

The effortless action Lumin8 Sliding Door will create a striking feature in any bathroom style.

RRP from 654.34

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Lumin8 Pivot Shower Door Enclosure

The Lumin8 Pivot Door creates a supremely efficient space saving solution for any bathroom.

RRP from 647.91

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Lumin8 Curved Wetroom Panel

This stunning curved wetroom panel stands at 2000mm high with 8mm thick glass and sits on its own dedicated shower tray.

RRP from 581.72

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Lumin8 Wave Walk-in Tray and Wave Walk-in Shimmer Tray

The Wave Walk-in Tray is the dedicated shower tray for our Lumin8 Wave Walk-in Shower Enclosure.

RRP from 496.01

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Lumin8 Side & Inline Panels

The Lumin8 Side and Inline glass panels are available to extend the size of your chosen shower door.

RRP from 220.00

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