Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel

Keep your bathroom at the forefront of fashion with the exclusive Liberty Range of Hinged Door Shower Enclosures.

RRP from £940.25

Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel
Full Product Description

Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel

The Liberty Collection of Hinged Door Shower Enclosures helps you to choose the best option for your bathroom space, whether you would like an inward or outward opening door to fit in with your existing bathroom furniture. You can also have the choice of either a brushed nickel, matt black or silver chrome finish to the enclosure, choosing the best one for your bathroom décor.

The Liberty Hinged Door Enclosure can be installed onto one of Roman’s Infinity Shower Trays, which include, matt or gloss white and white, black or grey shimmer finishes. The hinged door enclosures can also be installed straight to floor, both options help create the ultimate modern minimalist look.

Included in the Liberty Collection are an array of different size options, along with different configurations, such as, side panels and in-line panels.

Technical Information

Technical Information for the Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel

  • 8mm or 10mm glass
  • 2000mm high
  • Hinged from wall
  • New clear and minimal seals
  • New minimal easy fix wall profile system
  • Adjustable hinges for Inward or Outward opening door
  • The option of a bright silver chrome, brushed nickel finish or matt black on all components
  • Unique sealing tape system technology to reduce the need for silicone
  • Integrated ‘tray to floor’ Water Safe System
  • Designed for installation to straight vertical walls
Instructions / Information Downloads

Available Product Downloads

Below you will find a list of associated instruction manuals, brochures and any other relevant information regarding the Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel .

File Name File Size Download
PDF - KL1HD + KL1H Instructions 734.69 KB Download Now »
PDF - Data Sheets 1.5 MB Download Now »

Product Pricing and Sizes

Product Specification List

Roman have an ongoing policy of design, development and improvement and thus reserve the right to modify specifications without prior notice.

Where applicable VAT is calculated at 20% for GBP & 23% for Euro.

Option Name Code Door Size (mm) In-Line Panel Adjustments (mm) Price RRP
8mm Alcove Fitting
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD213S 760 KL1H7613S 733-747 1,020.18
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD213S 800 KL1H813S 773-787 1,030.58
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD13S 900 KL1H913S 873-887 1,040.99
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD13S 1000 KL1H1013S 973-987 1,145.10
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD13S 1200 KL1H1213S 1173-1187 1,249.19
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD13S 1400 KL1H1413S 1373-1389 1,353.29
8mm Alcove Fitting KL1HD13S 1600 KL1H1613S 1573-1587 1,457.39
10mm Alcove Fitting
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD213 760 TL1H7613 733 - 747 1,107.71
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD213 800 TL1H813 773 - 787 1,163.45
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD13 900 TL1H913 873 - 887 1,219.20
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD13 1000 TL1H1013 973 - 987 1,279.80
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD13 1200 TL1H1213 1173 - 1187 1,396.15
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD13 1400 TL1H1413 1373 - 1389 1,512.50
10mm Alcove Fitting TL1HD13 1600 TL1H1613 1573 - 1587 1,628.84
Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel
Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel
Liberty Hinged Door with One In-Line Panel
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