Space Saving Shower Enclosures

Space Saving Shower Enclosures

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Cleverly designed products that make the most of your available space

As we look to add more bathrooms to our homes, they are being squeezed into smaller and tighter spaces. With showering now a part of our daily routine, Roman has designed a range of products that will make the most of your available space. Choose from products which have options in a small footprint, through to inward opening doors which avoid other bathroom fittings.
Our unique Lumin8 Bow Fronted Quadrant offers a solution for the most common UK bathroom issue – it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom to allow for other bathroom fixtures, fittings and door frames and features an unobtrusive sliding door. Wetrooms are another great product when space is at a premium as they can be squeezed into unusual and small spaces, such as our original Wave Walk-in.

Embrace Trapezium Shower Enclosure

The Embrace Trapezium is the ultimate space saving enclosure and is an innovative showering solution for small bathrooms.

RRP from 1,551.11

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Lumin8 1450mm Colossus Shower Enclosure

The 1450mm Colossus offers a luxurious curved Walk-in option in and around standard shower enclosure footprints.

RRP from 985.89

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Lumin8 Wave Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Create a true style statement in your bathroom with our beautiful Lumin8 Curved Walk-in.

RRP from 985.87

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Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 One Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure is an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms as it will sit beautifully in the corner of your bathroom.

RRP from 923.77

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Lumin8 Inswing Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Inswing Door has been cleverly designed to feature a large opening without significant protrusion into the bathroom space.

RRP from 880.62

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Embrace Quadrant Single Door Shower Enclosure

The Embrace Quadrant with a single door is a fusion of elegant styling and practical functionality.

RRP from 820.54

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Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure

The Lumin8 Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure incorporates practical inward opening doors, which present a flexible space saving solution.

RRP from 705.65

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Lumin8 Pivot Shower Door Enclosure

The Lumin8 Pivot Door creates a supremely efficient space saving solution for any bathroom.

RRP from 647.91

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Embrace Bi-fold Door Shower Enclosure

The Embrace Bi-fold Door which combines style and practicality in one with the in-fold design of the door.

RRP from 614.80

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Collage Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

The Collage polished silver framed corner entry is perfect for any bathroom style, from modern through to classic.

RRP from 603.22

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Embrace Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

The Embrace Pivot Door is a stunning addition to any bathroom, creating a simple and effective enclosure.

RRP from 557.62

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Embrace Curved Wetroom Panel

Effortless level access entry for all users, exuding style and luxury, creating a spa like bathroom retreat.

RRP from 551.11

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Haven Two Door Quadrant

With our Haven Quadrant elegant minimalism meets curvaceous lines to create a stylish and simple showering solution.

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Collage Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure

Our Collage Bi-fold Door is an extremely flexible and practical product, which features inward opening doors.

RRP from 490.12

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Haven Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosure

The in-fold design of the inward opening Haven Bi-Fold Door makes clever use of available space with minimum bathroom intrusion.

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Collage Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

The simplicity of the Collage Pivot Door creates a stunning and practical showering solution.

RRP from 416.59

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Haven Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

The modern styling of the outward opening Haven Pivot Door creates a supremely efficient and flexible solution.

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Embrace Corner & Linear Wetroom Panels

These panels give a designer feeling of style and sophistication with their seamless glass panel and sleek chrome profile.

RRP from 371.57

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Collage Corner & Linear Wetroom Panels

The effortless and clean lines of our Collage Corner and Linear Panels create a sanctuary of minimalism for your bathroom.

RRP from 305.50

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Haven 8mm Wetroom Panel

At 2000mm high and 8mm thick glass this striking Corner Panel will create a minimalistic wetroom setting.

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Haven Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

The Haven Corner Entry is an ideal for when entry through the diagonal is more practical, without compromising on the showering space.

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